Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ajo free for download?

Yes. Ajo is available for free on both iOS and Android

What kind of places can I discover on Ajo?

Ajo helps you discover local businesses and any points of interests (tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels e.t.c.)

What is the difference between the discover and recommendation tabs?

Discover shows all places around you while recommendation shows editors’ picks and users recommended places

How can I filter through the places being displayed?

The smart search tool allows users the ability for keyword search

What happens if I find a place and it is not available on the application?

You can recommend the place to others by pressing the + sign on the recommendation tab, fill the details and submit. Admin will confirm and approve and your new place would be available to everyone.

Can I add a photo to a place?

Yes. Click on the place and then upload your favorite photo of the place

Can I review or post comment about a place?

Yes. Just click on the place, then review as you deem fit and submit your comment on your experience